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VIDEO: After Seeing THIS, I’ll Never Tie A Tie Any Other Way Again. This Is SO Simple…

If you’re not someone wearing a tie to the office every day, then you might forget how to tie your tie. Or if you’ve just never done it before, this video will give you a solution sure to make life easier.
As you’ll see, with some simple set up, you can tie a knot if your tie in just about 14 seconds. How? Allow the Crazy Russian Hacker to show you in the video below!
While the initial presentation is certainly impressive, he does a slow demonstration at the 45-second mark in the video that you can follow along with to learn the time-saving method.
Put the fatter side of the tie on the right and the skinny side on the left. Make a loop with the fat end so the tip of the tie faces toward you. Then make a loop with the shorter end so it faces in the opposite direction.
Then with your right hand, take an overhand grip of the loop of the shorter end and twist it clockwise. Put it under the larger loop. Grab the shorter end and put it through the space where your hand is.
From here, simply grab the back and pull it to tighten. Then you can adjust it as you normally would by pulling on the skinny or fat side respectively to loosen or tighten the tie.
What do you think about this tie tying life hack? Useful? Will you try it?
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