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Sick Teacher Heads To Class, But Never Expects To See THIS In The Hallway...

Kleenex is back with another amazing ad, and this one will have you reaching for the tissues and clapping your hands to the beat. Here, we meet a group of former high school students whose lives have been touched by Ms. Watson. The beloved choir teacher has no idea that her favorite students of the past have returned to their Chicago high school to sing their praises for her — literally.
Like many wonderful teachers, Ms. Watson has left a mark on countless students. Take Peter for example, who was in Ms. Watson’s choir from freshman year all the way up to graduation. Peter grew up to be a professional entertainer and says, “She’s one of the best vocal teachers I’ve ever met. I know I would never have been able to do any of it if it hadn’t been for Ms. Watson.”
Ms. Watson, who has recently been struggling with medical issues, thinks she’s on her way to a teacher interview at school, but wait until you see her face when she realizes who’s waiting for her at the end of the hallway. Her reaction is simply priceless, and I couldn’t help but tear up. This is definitely one for the books.
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Credits: LittleThings
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