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Security Camera At Hospital Caught THIS As A Girl Was Dying. Doctor’s Are Speechless!

Colleen Banton’s daughter was 14-years-old and was not expected to live to age 15 due to her condition since birth.
So, when she went into the hospital last September with a severe case of pneumonia, they assumed that this was the end.  Her big sister spent some quality time with her and took what she believed was her last photo of her and her little sister.
The family gathered around Chelsea when she drifted off to sleep and said their tearful goodbyes because they thought that this was the end for her.  Oddly enough, at that same time there appeared to be an angelic image on the hospital’s security camera that was standing just outside of Chelsea’s door.  Then, the unexpected happened.  Chelsea woke up from her slumber and immediately asked for her mom.  The hospital staff and doctors were stunned at this sudden recovery and they have no explanation for it.  The family was later shown the security camera footage of the image that they captured and mom snapped a photo of what she believes is an angel appearing on the monitor just when her daughter was supposed to leave this earth.  Clearly, this angel had other plans for Chelsea and has given her a second chance at life
Chelsea is about to celebrate her 15th birthday soon which, by all accounts, is a miracle.  Since then, other hospital staff have admitted that they too, saw something outside of her door on that day.  The image was white with what looks like large wings tucked behind its back. This is a true miracle that science or medicine cannot explain but sometimes the explanations are pointless when faced with the fact that this girl woke up from what was supposed to be her last slumber. Nobody knows why or how but it happened, nonetheless.  Angels are at work whether we want to believe in them or not.  Although it’s nice to have some proof once in a while.  In this case, there is!  Take a look:
H/t: Auntyacid
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