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Grandma Tells Strangers She Is Raising Triplets. Then She Sees What The Strangers Wrote…

Shiela Weisberger, 48, of Lisbon, North Dakota, has earned the title of grandmother three times over. She takes care of her daughter’s triplets, Bentley, Ashton and Dalton on her own after her daughter was unable to.
She’s been taking care of the boys, now 4, since they were just two months old. Shiela’s daughter was struggling to take care of her toddler when she learned she was pregnant with triplets. So, she left the boys in her mom’s care.
Though Sheil is not having the easiest time raising the triplets on her own as a bartender at First and Last Chance Bar, she’s extremely proud of who they are already and loves to talk about them to her bar patrons.
One day, while Sheila bragged on her boys, a couple overheard her conversation.
The couple was shocked to learn of the huge responsibility that rested squarely on Sheila. They had a $33 tab, but decided to leave Sheila with a message and an enormous tip she couldn’t have anticipated.
The movement of compassion and generosity left Sheila in tears. Along with a $300 tip, the note on the tab reads, “Take care of those boys!”
“I’m at work tonight (am still) and this couple comes in and orders drinks,” Sheila wrote on Facebook. “I was talking to a couple regulars about the boys and this couple overheard and said “Triplets?!?” and I smiled and said yes. So I showed them a picture and they were like “Holy Cow!” Well they paid with a card and left their slip on the bar, told me to have a good night, and left.”
“I cleared their glasses and took their slip to put in the till and this is what they left. I couldn’t believe it! I had to go to the bathroom and cry for a few minutes… You only read about things like this happening… So grateful!”
What do you think of this couple’s generosity toward Sheila and her grandchildren?
H/t: Liftable
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