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If You See A Baby Swaddled Like This, Unwrap Them Immediately — Here’s Why

New parents will try just about anything when it comes to keeping their infants content, but one thing seems to have stood the test of time – swaddling. Unfortunately, new warnings have come out, saying that if you ever see a baby swaddled like this, you should unwrap them immediately.
Swaddling is one of the first things new parents learn, as it not only helps keep the baby warm, but helps comfort them with a womb-like embrace. Unfortunately, it seems that some parents aren’t exactly wrapping their babies correctly and it’s resulted in a rise in a serious medical condition.
According to Mail Online, Professor Nicholas Clarke of the University of Southampton says that tight swaddling is behind a surge in the diagnoses of hip dysplasia. What’s even worse is that he refers to the problem as a “wholly avoidable epidemic.”
IJ Review reports:
Hip dysplasia refers to loose or unstable hips (sometimes referred to as “clicky hips”) that can range from a mild instability to serious dislocation.
In essence, wrapping your children with their legs confined in an upright, almost “standing” position can keep certain ligaments constantly stretched out. After the swaddle is removed, this then prevents those same parts from tightening up naturally on their own. If left untreated, it could even pose problems later on.
If the babies are wrapped in this manner for too long, it could one day attribute to a baby’s difficulty walking. Furthermore, it can cause hip disorders and deformities, including osteoarthritis, a degenerative joint disease that will develop when they’re adults.
The trick is to make sure that babies’ legs are free to move around. “Newborn babies kick, and need to have their hips open— that’s nature,” said Dr. Matthias Axt, an orthopedist. He went on to say babies need to be able to move and bend their legs in a “froglike” position.
It’s actually rather simple – in order to grow stronger, babies need to work out their muscles. If you confine them, they can’t do that. Furthermore, if they’re restricted to a damaging position, it will not only stop them from developing properly, but it could bring on bigger problems in the future.
In order to prevent all this, all one needs to do is keep the swaddle loose on the bottom. Once again, allowing for the babies legs to freely move is the most important thing. Seeing how they can’t speak for themselves, it’s imperative that parents are up to speed on this kind of thing. There’s nothing worse than potentially hurting a child on account of simple ignorance.
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