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Lady Looks Like A Crash Victim, Warns Others Of Common Habit That Caused It

Although she thought nothing of it at the time, a woman has recently come forward with an urgent warning. With her face now covered in scars and looking like a “car crash victim,” she’s insisting that others stay away from the one habit that started it all.
Carol Leech, 58, states that she used to be a kid like any other and played outside with her friends very often. As a result, she was always very tan, but this was a good thing. “Our generation spent much more time outdoors than the youngsters of today and having a ‘good tan’ was a sign of being healthy,” she explained.
Carol Leech of Solihull in England (Photo Source: Mail Online)
Unfortunately, it seems she didn’t exactly go about getting tan in the smartest of ways. “My sister and I used to lie in the back garden and put on this olive oil and vinegar mix,” she said. “We didn’t know anything different back then.” She even got herself a tanning bed at one point to make sure she looked tan more often. Although nothing ever seemed all that bad at the time, outside of the occasional sun burn of course, things would eventually take a bad turn about half-a-century later.
One day, Carol spotted an odd freckle under her nose that hadn’t been there before and decided to get it checked out. Sure enough, doctors diagnosed it as the deadliest type of skin cancer — malignant melanoma.
Doctors quickly scheduled her to have the cancer removed, but they would have to reconstruct her lips and face by the time they were done. As a result, the surgery would leave her looking disfigured. “I looked like I had been in a car crash, but my surgeon assured me it would heal well and recommended massage techniques using skin repair cream and bio oil once the stitches were removed,” she said.
Carol Leech after surgery (Photo Source: Mail Online)
In all, Carol states that the entire ordeal was terrifying on multiple levels. “To say I was devastated is an understatement,” she said. “I felt immense guilt at letting my husband and family down and was terrified of the future and what it might mean.”
She now hopes to use her story as a warning to others, saying that she wasn’t properly informed of the danger the sun poses on the human body. “Unfortunately, even though most people now know of the dangers, there are still many that are not all taking the right sort of precautions,” Carol said. Adding that she’s never far away from a bottle of 50 SPF sunblock, she’s now urging others to make sure they properly apply sunblock as well.
Life is too short as it is – there’s no good reason to shorten it with actions (or lack thereof) committed by our own hands. Carol is absolutely lucky that she decided to get her “freckle” checked out, allowing doctors to identify and remove the cancer early on. This could have gone much differently and all because she didn’t take the 5 minutes to put on sunblock when she was younger. Your life is worth just 5 minutes of effort – wouldn’t you agree?
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