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Officer Worked Sanders And Trump Rally In The Same Day And Made An Incredible Discovery

When West Virginia State Trooper Jeremy Yost worked security for two political events in the same day, the contrast was unmistakable.
First on Thursday came a rally for Sen. Bernie Sanders. Yost noted on Facebook it was “pretty cool” to work security for a presidential candidate, even one with whom he disagrees politically.
Then came a rally for Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.
“I was in the hallway when Mr. Trump arrived and snapped a quick picture,” Yost wrote as part of a Facebook post chronicling his experience.
“Right after that I got a quick thumbs up from him and he then stopped and acknowledged all law enforcement in the hallway and thanked us for being there. It was a very nice change after Sanders bashing Law Enforcement just hours prior in front of cameras,” Yost wrote.
“For the record there were no cameras around Mr. Trump and he could have walked right past us without acknowledging (us) standing there but did. It’s time we bring respect back to America,” he posted.
Yost also highlighted an unexpected interaction at the Trump rally, during which a veteran thanked Yost “for your service and everything you do.”
“This had me shocked because of who the older gentleman was, Hershel ‘Woody’ Williams. The man who received the Medal of Honor was thanking me for my service?” Yost wrote in his post, noting that he told Williams the thanks should be going the other way around.
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