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Reba & Ronnie Dunn Have HUGE News, I Did NOT See This Coming!

Reba McEntire and Ronnie Dunn have been fellow artists for many years and the two have become best friends with an unbreakable bond.
The two started collaborating in 1998 to perform “If You See Him/If You See Her”. If You See Him was an album released by McEntire, If You See Her was an album released by Brooks & Dunn the same year. Since then the two have performed together more times than I can count and even have toured together. Their most recent project together was on Ronnie Dunn‘s song “Still Feels Like Mexico” that wasn’t intended to be a duet, but turned into one.
“I played for Reba a song that’s called ‘Still Feels Like Mexico’ and she came back and says ‘I wanna sing on that.’ So just that quick, so sure, why not? How am I gonna tell you no? Are you kidding? I wouldn’t tell her no anyway. She did it, and we mixed it and it’s a duo, a duet.”
Obviously Dunn has a soft spot for the read headed beauty. He isn’t afraid to show it either after posting these pictures on Facebook. Dunn is renovating McEntire’s Airstream! He completely gutted the airstream and quotes that “she’s going to freak”. He must have a pretty cool project up his sleeve! I love that Ronnie is caring for Reba since her divorce!
This seems like a pretty big job for someone who is just a “friend”. Could this be the beginning of a budding romance? Ronnie and Reba 2016!?
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