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Woman rarely went into a room in her home — but when she did recently, she was in for a buzzing surprise

WINCHESTER, Hampshire, England — Do you have that room in your home you rarely go into? One woman in England may want to reconsider not checking each and every room on a regular basis.
According to The Mirror, the woman had 5,000 unwanted guests in her guest bedroom. Approximately 5,000 wasps built a giant nest on the bed and they made the massive home by chewing through the blankets and pillows.
Exterminator John Birkett told the Mirror that he had never seen anything like it in his more than 40 years on the job.  Birkett said that he had to put on all of his protective gear, but said that it could have been serious if someone had gone in and without the spaceman-like suit.
Birkett took about two hours to kill the wasps and destroy the nest.
The BCC reported Birkett estimated it took the wasps about three months to build their nest, that went deep into the mattress.
Birkett was quoted in The Independent as saying the nest was a beautiful piece of art and that he had mixed feelings about having to kill the insects.
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