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Girl Comes Out Of Tunnel Slide In Tears, Mom Is Sickened When She Looks Inside…

Taking your children to the park is a great way for them burn off some energy and they get to interact with other children too.
When Amy Smith took her daughter to play at the park she never in a million years expected it to end tragically.
As mom found a comfortable spot to watch, her tot ran to the slice and climbed in when she stayed for longer than normal, before coming out in hysterics. When mom went to the slide to inspect, she was sickened by what she found.
The slide is many kids favorite part of the playground, but now Amy’s daughter is too scared to go back after a traumatizing experience. When she came running to mommy in tears, Smith was shocked by what she found on her child’s behind.
Her leg was dripping with blood. This was no accident, someone intentionally set the park up so that a child would be hurt that day.
Mom was horrified when she found broken glass on a portion of the slide that had been intentionally put there to harm children. Her baby, Demi-Mai, was badly cut with some shards still embedded in her leg. She rushed her daughter to hospital where she received special care.
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The toddler is making a full recovery at home, but her mom now wants to get the message out to other parents that they should inspect play equipment before letting their kids play on it. She hopes no other parents has to go through what they went through.
It’s really sad that this is what the world has come to. Who would want to do this to a child?
We hope they find the culprit and he or she gets what they deserve.
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