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He Says This Simple Method Means No More Poison Ivy Rash— Even After Touching It!

If you’ve ever had a poison ivy rash, you know there are few things in life as painful, annoying and disgusting. What’s an outdoorsy person to do, other than try to avoid the nasty green stuff and deal with it if we fail? Jim Brauker, a scientist, self-described wildlife enthusiast and author of Extreme Deer Habitat, says he’s found a simple solution to the poison problem, one that comes from his studies of skin inflammation and understanding of urushiol, the oily allergen in the plant that’s causing all these problems. Watch what he does to avoid the dreaded rash even after coming into contact with poison ivy.
So there you go— according to Jim Brauker, if we get poison ivy rashes, it’s our own fault, not the fault of the plant! Have you tried this method before? Do you have your own tricks to avoid the painful poison ivy?
H/t: Tiphero
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