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Did You Hold On To Your Old Disney VHS Tapes? You Could Be Sitting On Some SERIOUS Cash!

WOW! I cannot believe what this could mean for a handful of lucky people!
Everyone loves a Disney classic! There are so many animated movies that have made its way in our hearts over the years. They have left us with memories and classic characters to love. Well, according to a recent source, if you still have one of these movies below on VHS, Disney could be leaving you with a lot more!
A modern directorial practice includes the adding, editing, altering, etc… of films from their original theatrical version. Because of this, those original VHS tapes of Disney classic are worth a pretty penny, (think $1000 minimum!) In addition, these original tapes that include scenes or songs that may have been cut afterword, can be valuable to collectors for various reasons as well! Listings on eBay for an original Beauty and the Beast VHS is currently set at $9,999.99!
“Black Diamond” classic refers to the original casing that has a black diamond on the spine that has Walt Disney’s signature on it, making it a valuable asset to many collectors. While it’s not for sure that your classic Disney VHS tape would sell for that much, it is definitely worth a try! If your VHS is collecting dust and you’re wanting to get rid of it, try listing it first!
You never know what someone would pay for that beloved Disney classic of yours! Apparently, it be enough to add to that college fund!
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