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If you have them, after reading this, you will surely throw them away! Dangerous for…

Studies, which have been made in Germany shows that the rubber clogs contain terribly large number of carcinogens which may bring those,which carries them at risk of developing cancer.
For this study, 10 pairs of this species clogs are taken from reputable companies and have been tested in the laboratory.
Researchers are really surprised to find out, that polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) were present in 6 of the 10 analyzed samples.
PAH are highly carcinogenic materials which, if absorbed can cause mutations in the cells.
They are particularly dangerous by inhalation, and may also be absorbed through the skin.
Black clogs is with particularly high values of these carcinogens. In 7 of 10 pairs of the tested have been found as solvents, and heavy metals.
These toxins are absorbed into the body through the skin, so if you still want to wear these cancer-causing sandals, do not forget to put on your feet socks.
The study showed that the first models of clogs do not contain PAHs, but they had at least 4 allergic solvents.
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