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Elderly farmer shocked to see naked women on his property. His response? BRILLIANT!

Jack Johnson’s Texas farm had been in his family for five generations. The Johnsons had prospered over the years and the size of the farm grew as they slowly purchased the surrounding land. It was now so large, Jack felt as though he owned his own country.
On the south end of his property there was a private pond that few even knew existed. His grandfather had planted a fruit orchard near the banks of their pond, and Jack had fond memories of playing hide and seek between the apple trees as a child.
One late summer day, Jack was overwhelmed with nostalgia and decided to take a trip down to the old orchard. It had been years since he had ventured so far south on his property.
Jack picked up an old pail hoping to find a few apples ripe enough to eat in these last few weeks before fall.
As Jack approached the orchard his mind filled with memories of childish mischief and the sound of laughter in his youth. He was so immersed in memory that he didn’t even notice the sound of actual laughter coming from the water.
By the time Jack noticed the noise, he was within sight of the pond and saw three beautiful naked women playing in the water. Barely a yard from where he stood, Jack noticed three bundles of women’s clothing.
The three women noticed his presence and swam deeper into the lake until the water came all the way to their chins. “We’re not coming out until you leave!” shouted one of the women.
Without blinking, Jack announced “It’s alright, I’m not here to spy on you lovely ladies, nor am I here to evict you from my pond,”
Jack then held up the bucket and added, “I’m just here to feed the alligator.”
Jack’s walk might have slowed with age, but his mind was as fast as ever.
H/t: Theshrug
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