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Twin 3-Year-Olds Die Together in Hot Car—and No One Put Them In There: Parents BEWARE!

3-year-old twins die in a hot car in Louisiana when they become locked inside after climbing in to play. Parents, LOCK your car doors at home!
A heartbreaking story that sends white hot fear into the heart of every mom comes out of Louisiana this week. While their mom took a brief catnap on the couch, 3-year-old twins Oliver and Aria Orr slipped out the front door and climbed into their parents’ unlocked truck, which sat outside in the hot Louisiana sun. When their mom awoke to find the front door wide open, she immediately began searching for her kids, soon running to her neighbor Rhonda Matthews for help.
After searching, Matthews and the mom found the twins in the truck. She told WLTX news,  “He was sitting in the floor boards and he had put his head on the seat,” she said.
Matthews says both were unresponsive. “I did CPR on both of them,” she said. The twins were rushed to the hospital, but were pronounced dead there. Now they are the faces of a tragic, tragic accident, two of the 40 kids that will die in a hot car in our country this summer. Only their case was different. No parent put or left them in there, the twins climbed in on their own to play, and because they truck was unlocked they could get in, but once in, the weren’t strong enough to get back out.
Another mom, Amy Michelle Carey, has an eerily similar story that happened just this week. She took to Facebook to warn other parents to LOCK their cars so kids can’t get in after her son Cason nearly died this week when he got into their van to look for something and then couldn’t get out. She says:
“Yesterday my sweet Cason almost became 1 of the 40 kids that will die this year from being in a hot car. This is hard for me to write because I feel guilty but I know many people leave their vehicles unlocked and now I know you shouldn’t. ”
She goes on to say that she thought Cason was in his brother’s room playing minecraft, and thankfully went to check on him after just 20 or 30 minutes. They quickly found him in the family’s van. Her post tells of the terrifying near-miss:
“Cason had been playing minecraft in his brothers room, which he can do forever and you never hear from him. Christian had loud music playing while we mopped the kitchen floor together. After about 20-30 minutes of cleaning I went to peak at Cason to be sure he was still doing okay, but he wasn’t there. I ran through the house yelling for him but he didn’t answer. I ran outside and there he was, in the van jumping up and down, crying with sweat pouring off of him. I grabbed him out and he immediately started to fall asleep. We got inside called 911, they arrived and helped me get his temp and vitals stable so we could go to the ER. They ran blood tests on my strong boy who never shed a tear and everything came back that he will be okay!!! We got so lucky, I am thankful I decided to check on him, who knows how long he was in there or how much longer he would have been able to handle the heat.
The reason I tell this is so all parents keep their vehicles locked. What we know now is that Cason and Jake went outside to look for my cleaning supplies(its often in my van because I clean houses) Cason got shut in and he wasn’t strong enough to get the doors back open. I would have never thought they would go out there and get in the hot van but they did. It happened to me it could happen to you.
Please share to spread awareness of keeping vehicles locked so children don’t have access to them.”
These three sweet children have reminded me today to LOCK those car doors so kids can’t get into them! We thank God for Cason’s safety and we pray so hard for the Orr family as they mourn the loss of sweet Oliver and Aria.
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Credits: Foreverymom
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