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Hidden Camera Catches Repairman Doing THIS In Her Bedroom. When They Confront Him? Unbelievable.

Do you ever wonder if when you take your car to get the oil changed if they actually change the oil? Do they just let your car sit there and pretend to do the work – or is it really done? Maybe it’s just me. When you call a repairman to come do work at your house, you trust that they are going to do the job correctly – the first time – and not charge you an arm and a leg for the work.
It takes an incredible amount of trust to have a stranger come into your home to make repairs. The video below catches some dishonest companies red-handed. Hidden cameras were placed around the house, and an expert was watching these men work – what they saw was shocking! How the men reacted when they were caught was even more shocking!
Take a look at this video:
Scam artists are everywhere – trust no one! Share away, people.
H/t: HeroViral
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