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A lot of people like to pop bubble wrap, but after you read this you’ll never do it again!

Gummy worms, Sour Patch Kids, and Swedish Fish aren't just loved by children, adults love them too! You can make your own with this easy recipe.
You'll need:
  • bubble wrap
  • 1 cup water
  • 2 oz. Jell-O powder
  • sterile syringe 
Here's how to do it:
Pour a cup of warm water into a pot.
Add the Jell-O powder.
Stir until you get a thick consistency.
Lay the bubble wrap on the table and fill the syringe with the Jell-O liquid.
Now fill up each bubble with the liquid gelatin.
Let your Jell-O wrap sit for a while to solidify.
And finally you can break your gummies free with your hand or using a needle.
All that's left to do is enjoy!
Here is the whole process again in a video:
If you're looking to try something new, give this a try - you can use any Jell-O flavor you want: lemon, lime, cherry!
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