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Monster Spent Months Ripping Out A Cat’s Nails And Torching Her Almost To Death

Finding a roommate to live with can be a troubling experience. It can help to lighten your load on rent, but finding the right person to live with can take a long time. One man experienced what can happen when you’re not thorough about your searches.
Declan Garrity, an Irishman who was hired to work at Barclay’s in New York on a work visa, was charged with felony animal cruelty when it was discovered that he’d been torturing his roommate’s cat for a period of three months. He would rip out the cat’s nails and even torched the cat. When the cat was brought in to get medical attention, it was also discovered that the cat had some broken facial bones as well as a broken pelvis.
Take a look at this monster:
The cat now remains on life support while the vets tend to the feline’s condition. Share away people and please remember this poor cat in your prayers…
[H/t: HeroViral]
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