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Groom Surprises The Bride Just Days Before The Wedding. A Must Watch!

There’s this cool British reality TV show, “Don’t Tell The Bride.” It’s been making many people’s days in great and very entertaining ways. In this cool clip, you get to watch as this fine couple gets the taste of it. You’ll love this for sure!
So Hollie and James are in love, and they’ve planned a wedding, and then they get a special chance to participate in a sort of game in the show. The rules here are simple. The couple spends 3 weeks apart, and the groom plans everything about the wedding. The show funds the wedding, so it’s both entertaining and a little risky. You never know what’s next.
So James has chosen a nice wedding gown for his bride, and she doesn’t get to know about it or even get a glimpse of it until he’s done hiding it. She has no say in what kind of dress he should choose for her, and that’s really interesting.
In the video, James has now decided to show Hollie the gown, and her reaction is totally awesome. Look at her! This is lovely.
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