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He lost his best friend a couple years back and now he moves everyone with this emotional rendition of ‘Jealous’

In the many talent shows today, the auditions that catch the attention of viewers are those with real emotion. These emotional auditions capture the hearts of many, including the judges.
21-year-old Josh Daniel is one of those few special talents. He just lost his best friend a couple of years ago. Today, his best friend continues to inspire him whenever he sings. This time, he dedicates the song “Jealous” by Labrinth to his best friend. Though the song is about a heartbroken lover, Josh Daniel explains that he interprets the song in a ‘whole different light’—how he misses his friend.
Everybody knows how Simon Cowell’s criticisms over contestants can be scary and how he can be too harsh in his comments sometimes. But this time, everybody saw a softer side of Simon. He lost his mom recently, and the way Josh delivered the song brought Simon to tears.
Not only was Josh’s performance an emotional one, but it was also one of the best auditions in X Factor today. By the way he sings, you’d never think he is a car mechanic.
I have never seen Simon tear up like that.
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