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Heartbroken donkey mourns the loss of his best friend. Now watch how the herd reacts…

It’s hard for anyone who’s seen this video to believe that animals don’t have emotions. The herd has just discovered that one of their own, Bram, has passed away. Before the owners can move his body, the curious herd approaches. The donkey with the dark coat is Bram’s best friend, and he seems absolutely crushed. He nudges Bram, but when nothing happens he begins to wail and even stumbles over Bram’s neck in a panic. The herd’s leader, a donkey with a light coat, bites Bram in an attempt to wake him before being pushed aside by Bram’s friend. All the donkeys join together in a painful wail that cannot be mistaken for anything but mourning. This is so sad, but serves as a powerful reminder that our four legged friends are capable of feeling everything we do, even loss.
H/t: Theshrug
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