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Hours After Dallas Shooting, George W. Bush Posts Heartbreaking News

Throughout the entire nation people are expressing their frustrations, and sadness in regards to the acts of terrorism that happened last night in Dallas.
We all watched in horror as the men and women who swore to protect us were gunned down in the street.
After what had been an incredibly peaceful protest, gunmen began to open fire, and were aiming for cops.
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Since then several politicians and celebrities have voiced their support for the city of Dallas, including President George W. Bush.
Along with his wife, the Bush’s released the following statement to show that they are behind the men and women of Dallas:
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“Laura and I are heartbroken by the heinous acts of violence in our city last night. Murdering the innocent is always evil, never more so than when the lives taken belong to those who protect our families and communities.
Laura and I have seen firsthand the dedication, professionalism, and courage of the Dallas Police Department. Their commitment to safety and justice makes us proud to call Dallas home. Our hearts go out to the families of the fallen. We pray for the wounded officers to recover fully and quickly. We commend Mayor Rawlings, Chief Brown, and all our city’s leaders and public servants who continue to organize an effective response to this tragedy. And we join our fellow citizens in saluting the fine law enforcement officers in Dallas and across the country who put their own lives on the line to keep all lives safe.”
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As a fellow citizen of Dallas, I share President Bush’s sentiments. As horrific as last night was, the men and women who swore to protect our city did just that. God bless the men and women in blue!
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