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This Man Was Sentenced To 99 Years In Prison On Animal Cruelty Charges

Animal cruelty never seems to stop because some people don’t know yet how to care for their pets. If they get tired of their pets, they abuse them and get rid of them instead of just surrendering them and preventing them from any harm. It’s true, some people don’t deserve to have or be around animals and this man is no exception. But thankfully his prison sentence just might help lower animal cruelty.
An Alex city man was recently sentenced to 99 years in prison by the Tallapoosa County Court on the case of animal cruelty. The 30 year old man called Nick Patterson was sentenced to 99 years in prison because he starved and neglected his purebred collies on his grandparents’ property. Not only that, the man pleaded guilty to credit card theft too. The court charged him with a mix of felonies and misdemeanors.
Take a look at this man:
animal cruelty
After serving a minimum of 18 years in prison, this man could be eligible for parole. When the sentence was handed down, the man showed no emotion, as if inside his heart he knew he deserved it. Share away, people.
H/t: HeroViral
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