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Beloved Dog Stolen From Family And Sold To Restaurant For Her Meat

WARNING: Viewer discretion advised. This is outrageous and no one’s doing anything to stop dog meat trade in China. A family lost their adorable golden retriever called Maomao because of other people’s crave for dog meat. This dog was stolen from the family’s yard and sold to the restaurant for her meat. The poor dog had just given birth to a litter of puppies 45 days before she was stolen from her family.
The poor dog was tied to a pole in front of the restaurant and the employees began cutting her legs and removing her fur from her back. Maomao was fully conscious when all this was happening to her. Can you imagine the kind of pain she must have gone through? A concerned citizen even tried to pay for her release, but the restaurant refused.
Take a look at this image:
Thanks to social media, the owners found Maomao, but sadly she had already passed away. This isn’t right and it’s high time the Chinese government do something about this. RIP Maomao…
[H/t: HeroViral]
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