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He Calls Out ‘Piggy’ When She Walks By, But Watch What Happens When She Turns Around!

A woman walking down the street in Lima, Peru is often harassed by men. According to the website, more than 10 million women have been verbally attacked in their life. The men who harass the women think it is a game, it isn’t – it is degrading and embarrassing. The video below is a “mockumentary’ made by the organization Stop Street Harassment and Everlast.
It is a social experiment that tricks several men into catcalling their own mothers! The experiment was based on the real stories of men who did once harass a female relative by mistake – they admitted feeling ashamed afterward.Wait until you see how one guy tried to lie to his mom about what just happened! Check out the video below!
Take a look!
Hopefully, the men in the video think twice about catcalling women in the future! What a sobering situation! Don’t forget to share this funny and serious story with your friends.
[H/t: HeroViral]
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