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NASA Will Pay You $18,000 To Lay In Bed For 70 Straight Days

Ever wished you could get paid to hang out in bed all day? Of course you have! For a few lucky candidates, that’s going to become a reality. And you’ll be employed by NASA. So in a way, you’ll be able to live the dream of being an astronaut like you’ve always wanted…
NASA Will Pay You $18,000 To Lay In Bed
NASA is currently on the lookout for people to participate in their “Bed Rest Studies”, in which participants will have to stay in bed for 70 days straight. Do you have what it takes to lie in bed all day and do nothing? I sure hope so. Find out more…
nasa bed rest study 2
Besides getting to do nothing for a month and a half, the pay is pretty good too. What else would you expect from a government job. I bet there are perks too. But even if you just walk away with the cash, you’ll be padding your bank account with…
nasa bed rest study 3
Participants in NASA’s state-of-the-art bed rest study will get $18,000 or about $1200 a week just to hang out in bed. Now if you’ve dreamed about playing Xbox or Playstation for a living but didn’t have what it takes to actually practice and get good enough, here’s your chance…
NASA Will Pay You $18,000 To Lay In Bed
In addition to sleeping, participants can also read books, watch TV, play video games and use their phones as they please. NASA’s only requirement is that you can’t move around or do anything with your body. Just keep lying down, and remain in bed, it’s all good!
nasa bed rest study 5
At this point you’re probably asking yourself why they’re doing this experiment? Well, the experiments are meant to see how the body reacts to extended of periods of rest for astronauts who are going on extended periods of space travel i.e. Mars. Nasa claims that ‘Head Down’ bed rest is the best way to stimulate zero gravity space.
nasa bed rest study 6
NASA says the experiments is designed to achieve three things: 1) Understanding how one’s changing physiology in space may affect the process of certain missions. 2) Understanding the impact of one’s physiological state on their ability to perform in particular tasks and 3) Preparing countermeasures to combat any impairment that these physiological conditions may impose…
NASA Will Pay You $18,000 To Lay In Bed
Experiment participants are broken up in to two categories: Non-exercising and exercising. The exercising group are able to exercise using special tools that help them stay active while still lying down. Now that’s pretty much my main concern with this study. Will all this bed rest make me fat…?
nasa bed rest study 8
While non-exercising groups must stay completely at rest the entire time. That means they can’t do anything except play their videos games and read. If I was in this study, I would probably want to start writing a novel or something. Maybe I could produce a bestseller while getting paid to rest…
nasa bed rest study 9
For the first 13 days non-exercising subjects and 21 days for exercising subjects, can  move around (in and out of bed) within the bed rest facility. But after that, you they cannot leave the bed.
nasa bed rest study 10
During the entire experiment, bone, muscle and heart tests, as well as tests of the circulatory and nervous systems, nutritional condition, and the body’s capacity to fight off infections are conducted. This study is particularly good for…
nasa bed rest study 11
If you live a stressed out lifestyle, this bed rest study could give you the much-needed down time you’ve been needing in order to catch up on your sleep and recover. Fast-paced lifestyles can be draining and this might be the solution to that for you…
nasa bed rest study 12
So what do you think? Could you do it participate in the experiment? Or is 70 days in bed getting paid to do nothing by NASA not enough for you?
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