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Nigel Farage Resigns As Ukip Leader

‘I want my life back and it begins right now’
Nigel Farage has resigned as the leader of Ukip. 
He told a press conference in central-London on Monday morning his reason for entering politics was to get the United Kingdom out of the European Union.
“I now feel that I have done my bit and that I couldn’t possibly achieve more,” he said.
“I feel it’s right I should now stand aside as leader of Ukip. I will continue to support he party. I will support the new leader.”
He added: “I want my life back - and it begins right now.”
“I came into politics from business because I believed this nation should be self-governing. I have never been and I have never wanted to be a career politician.”
Farage told The Huffington Post UK he would serve out the rest of his time as an MEP in the European Parliament.
He also said he would be happy to be a part of the government’s Brexit negotiation team put together by the next prime minister. “I might have something to give if they want it. If they don’t, that’s fine,” he said.
Following the announcement he was quitting as party leader, Ukip MP Douglas Carswell, who does not have the best of relationships with Farage, sent a tweet with a simple smiling face.
Asked about the tweet, Farage said he was “pleased that he is smiling” because “that’s not something I’ve seen very often from him”.
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