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Police officer saw this dog in the middle of nowhere and followed it. What happened next WILL LEAVE YOU SPEECHLESS!!!

Alaskan State Trooper, Terrence Shanigan, was on the duty when he found himself in the middle of nowhere with his GPS not working, he didn’t know where to go. It was then when Shanigan noticed a dog on the road. His gut told him to follow the animal. What happened next blew the trooper away, he couldn’t believe it. This story is another example of how brave and intelligent our furry friends are, and how important it is to listen to your gut feeling. This story happened in 2010, even Ellen Degeneres mentioned it in her show and sent well-deserved gifts for the hero from this video. Enjoy this incredible story and don’t forget to share it with your friends and family, it is worth watching.
German Shepherds are incredible dogs. After helping the trooper find the location, Buddy returned to that intersection and led the firetruck as well. You might not notice but the dog was running 20-25 mph in front of the police car. German Shepherd consistently rates among the most common household pets in the US and UK, predominantly due to its vast intelligence, loyalty and obedience. These dogs make splendid working dogs, they are used in numerous countries as police and military dogs, they are equally suited to family life and can be wonderful companions. The German Shepherd is one of the easiest to train dog breeds and are very responsive to commands. Unfortunately, these dogs are prone to hip dyspepsia due to their large hips. After World War II, an epidemic of anti-German sentiment led to the UK Kennel Club changing the name of the German Shepherd Dog. Shortly after the war, the breed was registered under the name Alsatian Wolf Hound. However, in 1977 the name German Shepherd was restored.
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