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Proper Sleeping Position During Pregnancy That You Should Know

Sleeping while pregnant is the most important thing...
#1 Sleeping While Pregnant
Most women are scared to sleep in specific positions out of fear it will hurt their child. But worry not, because your baby is tougher than you give them credit for! Sleeping in certain positions will actually give your child and yourself a good nights rest...

#2 To The Left

Sleeping on your left helps the major vessels that exist on that side as well. Compression and blood flow could compromise your health if you lay in other positions before 7 months of pregnancy!

#3 Left And Right

The aorta will be compressed if you sleep on your left, and vena cava when sleeping on the right side. Pillows are a great help when finding the most comfortable position for you.

#4 They Won't Feel It

Vascular or neurological cuts may be felt when sleeping, but fear not because your child won't feel any of that pain....only mommy!

#5 Sleep Any Way

You're allowed to sleep in any position throughout your pregnancy without any risk of hurting your child. Your baby will definitely let you know if they are not comfortable, so choose the spot that works best for you!
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