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World-Renowned Blind Psychic Has CHILLING Prediction About Obama & 2016

A blind psychic has predicted what should come to pass for all of us in 2016. The world-renowned clairvoyant is said to have an 85% accuracy rate, and she even allegedly predicted the 9/11 terrorist attacks in New York City. Brace yourself, her predictions about Barack Obama and for this year are dire.
Baba Vanga from Bulgaria is 85 years old, and her predictions about the Islamic State (ISIS/Daesh) have been accurate so far. Vanga’s followers even claim she predicted the 2004 tsunami when she said  a “huge wave” would land on a “big coast, covering people and towns and [causing] everything to disappear under the water.” Some say she also predicted that global warming would become a mainstream issue back in the 1950’s, when people knew weather fluctuations were just that — weather. She said “cold regions will become warm … and volcanoes will awaken.” Obviously, that was bound to happen anyway, or was it?
Baba Vanga
After such an accurate prediction record, what does she have to say about 2016 and Barack Obama?
Well, she apparently predicted that our 44th president would be an African-American male, but her next prediction is a chilling one. She claims that Obama will be the last president of the United States. Her 2016 prediction for Europe is even more bitter. She says that this year, the European civilization will cease to exist. She states that those in Europe will be subjected to Muslim terrorists who will  “use chemical warfare against Europeans.”
Those are dire predictions indeed. Some who are not psychics have also said that they feel Barack Obama will attempt to usher in a New World Order by oppression and indoctrination, followed by tyranny and a complete takeover of the nation. Not only that, but many believe Obama will institute martial law to cancel the elections and stay in power, which would be unprecedented and likely cause a violent insurrection. Again, it’s all just a prediction, but if she’s right, we are in for a rough year.
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