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If You See Someone Wearing A Safety Pin On Their Shirt, Here Is What It Actually Means.

Safety pins are the sort of everyday objects that you never really think about. Everyone has them in their home, lying around in random places.
But one kind-hearted person recently came up with an idea that uses those safety pins for a good cause. Once you see what they’re doing, you might just find yourself digging through your drawers!
Since the UK’s “Brexit” vote last week, there have been reports of violence and intimidation that target immigrants.
A woman named Allison (from America, of all places!) came up with a gesture that is incredible in its simplicity and message. She took to Twitter to explain:
Once her idea started to spread, messages of support started to pop up all over.
Allison was stunned by the response.
It’s simple because you don’t have to go out and buy it, there’s no language or political slogans involved. It’s just a little signal that shows people facing hate crimes that they’re not alone and their right to be in the UK is supported.
It’s a simple gesture, but it’s a powerful sign of support.
Every little bit helps, and Allison’s idea is such a beautiful symbolic gesture for an important issue of our time.
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Credits: Boredomtherapy
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