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Niece Gets Uncle Arrested For Mercilessly Abusing Their Dog

People take dog abuse very seriously. Sadly, many of these cases go unreported because they take place behind closed doors, away from witnesses. But when it’s in the public eye, no one really hesitates for a second to see these horrible actions come to justice.
And that’s exactly what happened to Javier Naranjo. When he was spotted by both his neighbours and members of his own family abusing his dog and even trying to kill it, the police were called. His own nineteen-year old niece called Margarita Gutierrez made the call in an attempt to rescue the dog’s life.
The abuse started when Javier found his dog attacking his chickens and had killed a few. Overcome with anger, he beat her, slashed her neck with the wire tied around her neck, stuffed her in a bag and threw it over a bridge into the waiting waters below. His niece went after the dog, and when she was found almost lifeless, CPR was performed which thankfully revived her.
The abuser was charged with felony animal abuse, but has been set free because this was his first offence. This doesn’t seem to be adequate punishment for such a horrible act, but until legislation has been changed, nothing can be done to seek proper justice for this poor pooch. Thankfully, the canine has found a better home with a loving family rather than being returned to her owner.
It’s funny how people easily abuse their dogs, isn’t it? From a man who stabbed his dog with a Samurai sword to those who used this poor dog as bait, justice is really blind. For example this woman was sentenced to just 18 months for duct taping her dog’s mouth while this man who burned his puppy alive got just 15 months. I don’t know what to say…if you kill your dog, your sentence is less? WTF is this justice? Please SHARE.
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