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Some Men Were Stealing Dogs, But How The Villagers Punished Them? Unreal.

China has developed somewhat of a reputation of not being kind to dogs, but it seems those tables are turning. More and more people have been dedicating their efforts to rescuing dogs from horrible situations and punishing the people responsible… sometimes quite severely. The Yulin festival is one where people will round up as many as 10,000 stray dogs and slaughter them for their meat.
Two men were discovered trying to steal dogs from people’s yards to sell them for meat, and they were caught in the process. They got more than just a slap on the wrist; they were beaten quite severely. Photos show both the men tied up and bleeding. One man was slashed and then had salt poured into his wound to make his suffering more severe.
Take a look at these images:
Once paramedics arrived at the scene, one of the men was pronounced dead, and the other was in a critical condition. It’s unlikely that he’ll survive. Share away, people.
[h/t | credits: HeroViral]
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