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109-Year-Old Woman Says Avoiding Men is the Secret to a Long Life

A year ago, Scotland’s most established lady uncovered her funny mystery to carrying on with a long and sound life. 109-year-old Jessie Gallan attributed her maturing to a pleasant warm bowl of porridge each morning. That, furthermore staying far from men.
“They’re simply more inconvenience than they’re justified regardless of,” the firecracker disclosed to the Daily Mail. Gallan left home at 13 years old and started draining cows for work. Therefore, she adapted right on time in life the significance of endeavoring to win a living. “I buckled down and from time to time would I ever take an occasion,” she said.
Jessie carried that worth ethic with her throughout her entire life. Never married, the remarkable lady refused to rely on anyone but herself.
“She’s absolutely amazing,” said a caregiver at the nursing home where Gallan resided. Even in her second century of life, Jessie thrived. Furthermore, she frequently attended church and exercise classes.
Get to know Jessie in the interview video below.
Source: Wideopencountry
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