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15-Year-Old Dog Cries As Owner Leaves Her Behind And Walks Out With Young Dog

Getting a new puppy can mean the world to a family, especially if their previous dog has passed on. It takes some time to heal after such an ordeal, and many wait for some time to pass before bringing a new canine into the home. But one family couldn’t wait.
They had a fifteen-year old Cocker Spaniel that they turned in to the shelter named Cookie… and promptly walked out with a new black Labrador puppy. Cookie watched the whole ordeal take place, and she cried as she saw her family leaving with the new dog. Heartbroken, she couldn’t understand why they were leaving without her.
Take a look at this video:
Thankfully, Cookie didn’t have to stay in the shelter for very long before she was rescued and taken to a new forever home by Brittney Place, where she won’t be neglected or left behind. In time, Cookie will have better memories to replace those of her time being spent in the shelter.  Say NO to senior dog abandonment. They don’t deserve it. Share if you agree, people!
H/t: HeroViral
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