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Cops Take Turn Shooting A Dog And Laugh About It While Making Nasty Comments

You may have heard the name Chester, Pennsylvania in the news a few times this year, and things don’t seem to have improved for one of the worst police departments in the nation. The department got in trouble earlier this year when for questionable reasons, officers shot two dogs in front of a high school right at lunchtime, putting students, teachers, and residents alike at risk of stray bullets or ricochets.
Well, this time, the story is even worse. Christie Fry rescued a puppy earlier this year. After nursing him to health and pouring love and affection on him, police took turns shooting this poor dog dead in his own yard, and they laughed at Christie, telling her she doesn’t have a dog anymore.
Take a look at this picture:
The police claim that the dog was being a threat, but he was in his yard, safely on a leash away from anyone that might pass by. Fry is trying to fight this incident, which has gone unpunished so far. Please SHARE this post so this dog gets justice.
Credits: HeroViral
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