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This Woman Threw Her Dog In The Trash To Follow Her Boyfriend – Shocking!

This is purely disgusting. More and more it seems that the internet is bringing to light the horrid things that people are doing in the world. A garbage collector was out doing his job one day when he found something that he couldn’t believe in a trash can: a young dog! She was nearly starved, dehydrated, and suffering from the heat.
The man gave the dog his lunch, and then called animal control to come rescue the dog. The person responsible was found, thanks to pure stupidity. The woman who had adopted the dog had gotten it micro-chipped, and police were able to use the information to track the woman down. She had thrown the dog in the trash so she could follow her boyfriend to Texas.
Take a look at these images:
Well, now she’ll be spending some time in jail first, as she’s been charged with animal cruelty, the least of what she deserves. Share this post to remind people that animal cruelty will not be accepted.
Credits: HeroViral
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