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Why This Dog Travels 4 Miles Everyday For A Plastic Bag Will Warm Your Heart!

Do you think that dogs have feelings? Do you think they know what’s humanity? Do you think they feel what other dogs are going through? This dog does. This dog travels 4 miles every single day to retrieve a plastic bag, where she goes and what she does will make you want to cuddle her!
This dog called Lilica is a very special dog who lives in a junkyard in Sao Carlos, Brazil. She was abandoned when she was just a puppy and naturally when she matured, she became a mommy to a healthy litter of puppies, all living in the junkyard along with other stray animals.
Watch the story of this brave little dog and why she travels 4 miles to retrieve a plastic bag here!
Lilica was determined to feed her pups and other stray animals so every night she walks to a kindhearted woman called Lucia Helena de Souza, who in turn gives her a bag full of food!
First Lilica would eat just a little in order to gain the energy to walk back home and then when she gets home, she feeds her pups and all the other stray animals! Amazing right? Don’t forget to share this heartwarming post with your friends.
H/t: Heroviral
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