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This Gold Medalist Thought She Had It All—12 Yrs Later, a Letter Exposes the Lie Her Mom Was Hiding All Along

Olympic gymnast Dominique Moceanu seemed to live the perfect American dream—but her mom’s chilling secret would come back to haunt her…
Jennifer Bricker was abandoned at the hospital the day she was born when her mother saw that she had no legs.
A loving adoptive family quickly scooped her up and instilled in Jennifer the value of achieving her dreams despite her disability and prior rejection. In fact, Jennifer was raised in a home that never allowed her to say “can’t.”
Legs or not, she was taught to chase the world ever since she was dragging herself around in diapers.
Well, the one thing she always wanted to do was be just like her Olympic gold medalist hero, Dominique Moceanu, so she decided to practice her little tail off to become a world-class gymnast herself. 
Time and time again, she watched the determination in Dominique’s eyes manifest in such mesmerizing moves across her TV screen. She knew that’s exactly what she wanted to be.
At the age of 7, Jennifer started practicing with her dad on the trampoline, and soon, she was blowing the doors off of everybody’s expectations.
She dove head first into gymnastics, baseball, basketball and every sport under the sun!
By high school, she was named the tumbling champion of the state of Illinois.
But there was still a burning question lurking in the back of Jennifer’s mind. Who were her biological parents? What was her real last name?
Her adoptive mom told her she’d need to sit down to hear this (to which Jennifer replied she’s always sitting—haha). When she got the answer, Jennifer could hardly believe her ears, much less what was written on her adoption papers.
Watch the video below and prepare yourself for the twist this teen didn’t see coming in a million years…
Credits: faithit
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