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Monster Woman Forces A Bird Down Her Dog’s Throat Using A Metal Curtain Rod

It’s often the case that when someone is abusing members of their family, it’s going to spread to their pets as well. These horrible stories may bring their actions to light, but it can be a long time before their victims recover from these traumatic events. A twenty-six year old woman is now facing a judge for the abuse of her daughter and severely injuring her dog, as well as the death of a parakeet.
Concerned neighbours called the police and when they arrived on the scene, they found bruises on the young girl. She’d been beaten several times with a stick, and when that wasn’t enough, she turned her attentions to her dog. She grabbed the parakeet that had been sitting peacefully in its cage and shoved it down the dog’s throat. But that wasn’t enough, as she took a curtain rod to stuff it down even further. Unfortunately, the dog did not survive, and the woman wrapped the dog’s lifeless body in curtains and tossed it into a dumpster.
Take a look at this image:
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H/t: HeroViral
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