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A Restaurant Owner Installs Cameras and Sees a Homeless Man Eating Dog Food—Heart-breaking!

Tons of food are thrown out by restaurants and food outlets every day, nobody should go hungry with that!
A food bill is unique among bills when compared to the rest of the required expenses within a household. Unlike a $70 cable bill or a $200 electric bill that a household pays on a specific day of every month, the amount of a grocery bill often fluctuates much more than other necessary costs, with a trip to the store for milk and eggs priced at only around $10, and a full-cart trip priced at upwards of $100. Now, can you imagine homeless people who do not have the money to buy a single bite for the day?
This restaurant owner would leave a bowl of dog food and water for stray dogs who come by her establishment every day. But there came a time when she would put out more than three times the usual amount of dog food, and the bowl turns out empty every time. She then decided to partner up with SoFlo and install cameras to catch the culprit.
To their surprise, a homeless man came and ate the bowl of dog food! When they confronted him, he was about to run and told them ‘not to call the police on him’. It was definitely a heart-breaking moment to watch.
Instead of sending the homeless man away, the owner offered him a full meal—something he hasn’t had in months!
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