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Don't miss how to crochet a lovely hearts cord with this video tutorial

If you're looking for a delicate detail to add to your crochet pattern, you'll love these sweet heart-shaped stitches. These would look charming on the edge of a quilt. as added decor on booties or as a headband. We've gathered three ways of doing lovely heart chains for you. See them below. 
Way #1
The first one is from Knitting Sherurukom. Note that this video is not in English, but it does feature a unique technique called run stretching. The pattern is very easy to follow.
Way #2
The simplest pattern starts with a row of a multiple of 4+1 (21 stitches for 5 a five-heart strand), according to Make my Day Creative. This pattern is only two rows. Start at your third chain stitch from the hook. In this chain stitch do two double crochets, a single chain stitch, a slip stitch, a single chain stitch and 2 double crochets. Skip a chain and then add a slip stitch, skip another chain and repeat from the beginning.
After you've reached the end, flip your row and add a half double crochet. Add a half double crochet, single crochet,single crochet, double crochet, single crochet, single crochet and half double crochet into the center of the heart. Slip stitch over to the next chain. Repeat until you reach the end. You can end this with a loop or weave it closed, according to Make my Day Creative.
Way #3
This third take on a heart chain is also from Knitting Sherurukom but, this time, the video is in English, featuring a slightly different yet equally lovely heart design. 
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