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Look At Your Palm And Find Out What It Means When You Have A Triangle Or Star, And What If You Have A Diamond! (A PHOTO)

If you look closely on your palm, you will find some of these forms , and eventhough they are not exactly correct, they still must be visible.
These shapes and symbols have specific meaning. Vedic interpretation of the lines on the palm gives amazing answers and reveals your real, best features. Beside triangles, stars and diamonds, there are other forms such as trident, a crescent, sickle, baptism and fish. Here are their meanings.
If you notice a triangle on your palm, it means that you have some special talent. More triangles, small and large means that you have more talent and if they are clearer and more distinct, you are more likely to become famous and respected in society.
Moreover, if your line of destiny constitutes one of the trinagle’s line, it means that it is guaranteed success destiny to you.
The star form can be found at the ends of some of the striking lines and is consisted of more small lines that intersect in one place. A person who has this specific symbol means that it has possession of a specific and powerful abilities. On the other hand, if it is formed bellow the line of the heart, it means that the person has tremendous power or skills. If it is located on the top line of life, under the index finger, this is a person of great mental capabilities, dedicated to science, philosophy or religion.
Those who have diamond form on their palm means that they have adventurous spirit, nothing can stop them and they are always interested in the unknown.
Moreover, they are people with incredible courage. These people are usually often reckless because they will be more important to reach some kind of answer, or the New World (Christopher Columbus, Marco Polo … must have had a lot of diamonds) than to keep yourself and your life. They are real researchers who like to take risks, but their risk is worth it for many.
The fish form is similar or even the same as diamond. It has a triangle bellow that is smaller compared to the turbot and represents a fishtails. Those who have this symbol on their palm are very religious people.
Half Moon
You have a very interesting gift if you have 2 lines that together make clear the sickle or srescent shape. You can literally predict the future because your intuition is so strong, which sometimes can be pretty scarry.
Some of the great line branches off into three parts. People who have this symbol have some sort of protection in life. The clearer the form and the more you have it, the protection is stronger and more comprehensive.
In addition, a person who has just one clear trident on each of the big line, literally has divine protection and nothing can hurt him.
This symbols also means that the person is spiritual, but not inclined to research the limits of the human spirit. It is more a person who has some specific spiritual knowledge.
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