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Sick Man Fed Cute Puppy To Pet Python In Shocking Video

WARNING: Viewer discretion STRONGLY advised. What you’re about to see is going to make you weep and make you want to punch this cruel man right in his face. I know some people will say that a python’s going to have to eat, I agree, but does it have to be a German shepherd puppy? Does it have to be recorded for the world to see? Is this fair for people to see this?
While it’s only a few seconds long, we can only imagine what happened to this poor puppy and if he really deserved to die like that. When people saw this video, naturally they were furious and they wanted to know who this man was, and fortunately this cruel man has been identified. This man, who seems to have a Chinese profile was bombarded with hate mails and curses.
Take a look at this video:
To this man, the only thing we’d want to say is that the puppy did not deserve this. RIP Puppy…
Credits: HeroViral
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