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This Is What It Really Means If You Have Dimples In Your Cheeks

A girl with dimples face looks cute and attractive. The small holes on the cheeks when you smile make the face look more expressive. According to the survey around 20% of the population have dimples on their faces. So, what is the meaning of dimples? Let’s explore the topic further.
Dimples, In Fact, Are A Facial Muscle Deformity
It might be shocking for you but, it is true that dimples are actually an envious deformity on the person’s face. However, it is considered as the cute deformity and people do plastic surgeries which cost a fortune to get the deformity.
The Dimple Machine
There is an interesting story of Isabella Gilbert. She was actually obsessed due to lack of dimples on the face. So, finally, in 1936 she invented a the machine which is spring-loaded contraption. This machine promises to make a fine set of dimples by pressing a pair of knobs in the cheeks of an individual.
Dimples Are Associated With Eternal Youth
As per scientist, the dimples have a close association with a young look on your face. As the people with dimple age, they still look young. In our subconscious mind, the dimples are representing the cuteness of children and babies. Thus, people often find people with dimples look younger all the time!
Many Cultures Consider Dimples To Be A Sign Of Good Luck, And Prosperity
Yes, in many ancient culture dimples were considered as a sign of good luck. The culture believes that it is a unique feature that one gets dimples when they smile. So, the person who is blessed with dimples definitely must be lucky to get this cute feature on his or her face.
Smile – You Are Beautiful
The smile always makes people look beautiful. It is observed that 60% of Hollywood stars have dimples and blessed with stunning looks. Although you too are beautiful, with or without dimples a smile will surely make you look amazing.
It’s All In The Genes
It is true that dimples are a genetic trait. It gets pass on in the families. You can either get it from your father or mother. In some cases, people who have a grandfather or grandmother with dimples of the face gets a dimples too.
But If You Do Have Them… You Are More Sexually Attractive
A cute smile with dimples is damn attractively. Recent studies have revealed that people with dimples are more sexually desirable. As the first attraction between two people starts with the facial encounter. The dimples make it easy to attract people towards you.
Also, people might marry you as they want their babies to have dimples too. Not a bad idea!
So, if you have dimples on your face then get ready for a lot of marriage proposal and lots of attention. Keep smiling and look stunning always!
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