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Woman Caught On Camera Punching Her Dog, Wanted By The Police

The DeKal Police County are looking for this unidentified woman who was secretly filmed punching her dog in the face while holding on to his neck. The person who recorded this footage was sitting in the car when this happened and as soon as the ordeal was over, he handed the footage over to the police. You will also hear a man telling this cruel woman to stop hitting the dog.
First the woman uses a stick to whip her dog and then she grabs on to his neck and punches him. The police have been investigating and have checked most of Willa Way area in Decatur to locate this woman, who’s probably hiding somewhere. The residents and the witnesses were so deeply hurt by the footage that they have requested the police to find this woman and the dog.
Take a look at this disturbing footage here:
If you have any information about this woman, you are requested to contact the DeKalb County police. Let’s hope that this woman is found because she has a lot of explaining to do. I hope also that the poor dog is okay. Share away, people.
H/t: HeroViral
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