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7 Natural Ways To Trim Down The Pain In Your Lower Back!

Have you ever felt pain in your lower back then extends down to your behind, legs and feet? If you have experienced these there is a possibility that you are experiencing sciatica. This is a condition that is caused by irritation to the sciatic nerve.
From your lower spine down to your leg is the sciatic nerve. The pain can be the result of having a herniated spinal disc. This is when a disc in your spine pinches or presses the sciatic nerve. It starts from your lower back then goes all the way down to your leg. You may feel numbness.
However, the unfortunate part of sciatica is that if it lasts for a long time and the pain that you are feeling becomes too severe, the doctor may require you to undergo surgery
Here are Natural ways to REDUCE SCIATIC PAIN:
1. One useful ways is this YOGA pose known as the cat-cow pose.
- To do this, you have to get into your hands and knees. Then arch your back like a cat, while doing this you have to exhale. This may help you reduce the pain in your sciatic nerve. If you feel so much pain, immediately stop the stretch. 
2. Another pose is the Sphynx while your mouth is open, which is also known as the “Lion’s breath.”
- Let your body be flat on the ground and then with the help of your elbows, raise your upper body up. The open your mouth wide then stick your tongue out [lion’s breath]. This can also be a exercise for stress release.
3. Go into hot or cold temperature to ease the pain.
- Have an ice pack placed in your lower back. This can help you ease the pain. After doing this, drench yourself in hot bath. This can also give you benefits in reducing pain in your lower back. 
4. Deep Massage
- Sschedule a massage now for you to feel not just relaxed but also ease your lower back pain.
5. Get enough sleep
- Sleep is one of the most important thing that people should AWAYS do. Sleeping will restore your body and can make the pain be swept out if you have maintained your back properly. 
6. Acupuncture
- This can be a good alternative to treat the lower part of your back. However, not everyone can do this.
7. Try to avoid sitting for a long time
- Standing while you work can be too much to ask but try to do a little walking or standing. This is because people that don’t move can have pain herniated disc will be worse. 
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