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7 Signs Your Partner is Sleeping With Someone Else

The game is called life, and everyone gets bored eventually. But some people instead of talking about it and getting over the problem with their partner, decide to do the sticky dirty way of having fun again. Cheating. And if you’re one of those couples that is going through this kind of stage and want to know if your partner might be having some special “friends” then hop on.
If your relationship has been shaky lately and your partner is acting bizzarely strange, keep an eye out for these next few signs, becaise you wouldnt want to be giving away your time to someone who does not appreciate you. So lets begin!
1. Constantly Working Late
The need to finish our job is one of the oldest exuses in the book, but if your partner is using that excuse constantly without any increase in income, then someting is definetly wrong here. This happens because many individuals are too shy to call their partner’s boss and ask for further info about their job “extensions” so thats the reason that this trick still works.
2. Less Often Initiation Of Closeness
If your partner stops initiating making love with you and comes up with all sorts of exuses to avoid it, then they may be leaving their pleasures elsewhere. Declining physical relationship is the brain’s way of declining mental relationship, which means your partner may not feel the same way about you than the way he or she felt about you in the beggining.
3. Taking Too Long To Answer Texts
Replying to a text takes up just a few seconds, so if you’re waiting forever for your partner to text you back there might just be something going on.  Same goes for if your partner suddenly adds a lock on their phone. If two people trust each other there is never need for secrets.
4. Taking A Shower Immediately They Get Home
One reason to worry is if your partner takes nighttime showers, but another one and even bigger is if your partner takes showers right after they get home (which is to wash away the scent of another man or woman). To test this, right after your partner comes through the door see if they are prompt to kissing or hugging and you will know!
5. Pay Extra Attention To Their Looks
If your partner is comfy to leave the house in a stained shirt or a ripped pair of jeans, you should be worried when they start paying attention even on the smallest detail. And especially if they are paying even more attention to grooming, then there is definetly something going on.
6. Random Gifts
Now accusing your partner of cheating simply because they are buying you gifts is not the best assumption. They can do it for a lot of good reasons. But we are just implying that if the gifts start getting way too common then there is a high chance that your partner is trying to hide the guildt for something in all those gifts. Always keep an eye out.
7. New Moves In Bed
Does your partner pull off some new moves that you have never seen before? Now dont get all tipsy, they might be learned from the internet or from a friend just to impress you, but also as always there is always the chance of them learning it from another teacher. The cheating one.
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