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People Shocked At What’s Spotted On Back Of Truck That Passed Through Ohio

Semi truck in Twinsburg, OH (left), Twinsburg police (right)
A massive rig was seen in Ohio by one driver who caught what other motorists seemed to have missed on the back of a semi truck, just beneath the bumper. Floored at what was right in front them, the witness quickly snapped a photo to document what was passing through the state that some people aren’t going to be too happy about.
While in light traffic on a freeway in Twinsburg, the unidentified driver looked up right in time when something near the wheel wells of the massive truck caught their eye. Having pulled up a little closer to confirm what it was, they were shocked at the message the driver decided to make on his mudflaps, which will make Black Lives Matter supporters irate but is pleasing patriots nationwide.
The photo of the rig was sent to the Facebook page Ohio Going Blue where it quickly went viral for one man’s creative use of his First Amendment right. Showing support for law enforcement and disdain for the BLM mantra that only black lives matter, the rig operator put these thugs in their place with a bold four-word statement.
Semi truck with mudflap message spotted in Twinsburg, Ohio
On the two flaps, it says, “Without cops, nothing matters.” The simple sentiment makes a very solid point that police aren’t here to just enforce laws. They protect innocent people and prevent a lawless society that often robs bystanders of living a peaceful life. Black Lives Matters supporters want the control and free will to harm and kill and not be held accountable for it, under the guise that it’s oppressive when officers enforce the laws.
Americans have the right to pursue happiness in this free country, which is impossible when thugs are unchecked. This movement isn’t about equality, it’s homegrown terrorism supported by our current president who wants to destroy our freedoms on his way out of office. BLM thugs are the perfect puppets to do his dirty work.
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