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BLM Protesters Get NASTY Surprise To The Face From Country Boy’s Truck

Ugly scenes of “unrest” continue to emerge from several cities across America as angry protesters take to the streets, singling out white people and unleashing their misguided rage upon them. While many residents feel helpless to stop the chaos ensuing in their towns, one small group of country boys decided to fight back, using one of their massively jacked up trucks to deliver a nasty surprise to the faces of disruptive protesters.
“Rollin’ Coal” is a special little trick that diesel truck drivers know all about. If you tune the engine on a diesel a certain way to “trick the engine” into needing more fuel, when you hammer on the gas, the result is a huge plume of black smoke then blasts out of the tailpipe of the truck. Unfortunately for some protesters in Hagerstown, Maryland, they were about to become intimately familiar with this little redneck term.
After a 15-year-old girl struck a car with her bicycle, causing damage to someone else’s property, she made a bad situation worse when she not only refused to cooperate with police but also assaulted them, screaming profanities and making a scene. Unfortunately, when the marijuana possessing entitled brat got what she deserved, which was maced in the face, morons descended on the streets and the Hagerstown Police Department (HPD) to make their outrage over the “abuse of a child” known, but not everyone in the area is so misguided.
Protesters descend on the HPD and innocent drivers.
As protesters took to the streets following the incident, some local residents got fed up with the disruption. “Troublemaker” Aaron Gettel narrated his experience as he followed his friend and fellow diesel owner Mike Hanna through a crowd of angry protesters, who were about to get a nasty surprise to their face, courtesy of the country boys and their trucks.
“I like when there’s white people at a Black Lives Matter protest,” Gettel can be heard saying as he revs his engine at a stop light after spotting the group of unaware protesters across the street. At minute mark 1:20 is when the fun really begins, as the light turns green and they pull up alongside the angry protesters, who you can tell are instantly pissed as they begin yelling and throwing bottles at the two drivers before having a little gift thrown in their own faces, which was caught on video for all to see.
While this might not be the most politically correct way to deal with protesters, it sure is a way to successfully get your point across in a non-violent manner and effectively clear them from illegally blocking the streets, but not everyone agreed.
Lawrence Marley Hester was one of the first people to upload the video to Facebook, extremely pissed off over the whole incident, saying, “This video just goes to show how much respect WE don’t get and how WE are really viewed,” in the description he posted with the clip.
Too bad for him, “respect” is a two-way street. Perhaps if BLM protesters actually did something positive to get their point across, rather than acting like complete uncivilized morons, blocking traffic and just creating discord, they’d elicit a more positive response from locals. Until that happens, “rollin’ coal” is probably the new way angry diesel-owning citizens are going to deal with their disgusting antics.
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